Me and Mom

Today I spent time scrapbooking old family photos.  I felt compelled to connect to my past.  I scrapbook events chronologically, so these mini-albums I do take me out of my comfort zone.  I find the challenge stimulating, keeping this hobby fresh.  It’s also cool to find old photos, and seeing that nothing really changes.

I found pics of my mom and her mother, Ellen.  I never knew Ellen; she died when mom was about 20 years old.  She looks sleek in her younger portraits and a comfortable frumpy as an older woman.  She took pictures and made albums, identifying the people in the photos, the place it was taken, and the date.  I like Ellen.

Mom did the same thing with photos as I do now.  Identification is key.  If not, all you have are pictures of strange faces.  In these faces, I found pictures of all of us in similar events.  There’s Ellen holding baby mom, and I found one of mom holding baby me.  A headshot portrait of each of us shows the resemblance passed down.  I was always told I looked like my mom, but I could never see it…until now.  We have the same smile, a pleasant crooked one-sided curl with a slight head tilt.  My eyes resemble my mom, although mom’s are defintely Ellen’s eyes. 

Mom and Me

Aren’t we just the cutest gals?  This is the story of my life.


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