Di’s WordsOfWisdom for Nov. 13, plus…

“Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go – purge yourself.”–Tina Turner, singer

An interesting thought, and I did just that.  I stepped away from the computer, from non-vital email, non-vital mail, from my blog…just about everything, just to see.  What did I learn?

First, the email thing: poor move.  This is how 100 unread emails ends up in your Inbox.

Second, sometimes real-vital mail gets swirled into non-vital mail piles.  Do not attempt. Professional stuntman only.

Third, the blog.  I missed it, and I didn’t.  It was one more To-Do off my list, but I missed the creativity.  I missed the writing, the sharing.  I missed the WordsOfWisdom; they inspire me.  If I don’t get something from it, I don’t use it.  I also stayed away from other creativity, such as scrapbooking.  Oh, a dozen hot popcorn kernel excuses popped in my head.  Every excuse was a good one, or should I say, a bad one.

And so I return, revitalized from the experiment.  I learned from stepping back, maybe something we should all do from time to time to cleanse ourselves.


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