THON: For The Support (WoW Feb. 15)

“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”–George Harrison, musician

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who loves me, supports me, encourages me and believes in me: my husband.

No one can do THON alone. He stood there beside me as I danced in THON last year. Figuratively, as he could only watch from the stands…until the end. The other alumni dancers honored me with the DMAIG floor pass for the last four hours, a rare treasure. Every organization is granted only one floor pass, and everyone wants to be on the floor to be a part of it all. He was there to hold my hand as I streamed tears during Family Hour. He was there for the final Line Dance. He was there with a hug at the end, and with his camera to take a picture of the total raised ($7.83 million) with me and my partner in the shot. He was so proud of himself when he even got the Nittany Lion in the picture!

I’m not a big fan of the plastic bracelets for a cause. It’s showy and trendy and the money is better spent donating directly to the cause. Still, I bought navy THON bracelets last year. We both wore ours through THON. I was sticky, so I took mine off after that. K has not removed his to date, not for a shower or business meeting or sweaty summer day. That is support.


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