Be Open

I spent a good part of the day writing, stories and articles. It was freeing to let words flow, to create. Often we write–or draw or travel or work–and not end up where we expected. It’s a joy; it’s scary.

I made time to do this week’s Zentangle challenge: open space. Be aware of open space and not fill every section with tangles. I was open and looked around me for inspiration. I sat in a Starbucks in Ann Arbor today, staring at the Potbelly’s sandwich shop across the street which is just down the street from the Michigan Theater. The Potbelly’s sign has circular ball lights in a vertical row, much like a movie marquee. The blaze of lights in the dark of night, twinkling, enticing you into the glamour of the event inside. Fanfare, open spaces….

I flipped it over as I looked at it and almost posted it “upside down,” but I felt a curtain opening, much like my life in transition. I realized today just how much I am blessed–a word overused but appropriate here–to be where I am and not where I was two recent employments ago. I love the checkerboard pattern that stops yet keeps going. Much like silence, images fading into the unknown scares me. Must be embedded Poltergeist memories, the trip into a place wonderful yet terrifying. As a kid, I only saw creepy things coming out of the TV. As an adult, those creepy things are still there but with intriguing things tucked behind. This art represents all that…and the frustration that my most recent ex-employer refused to let me take two personal belongings home today because they were not in the office. The two items? A hanger and a toothbrush/braces kit. Really.

I am a writer. I embrace that fully now. I have been given a second second chance to pursue my love, my need. I am open to what comes.

(No, I did not get a sandwich from Potbelly’s. Perhaps another time. Zingerman’s is terribly overrated.)/span>


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  1. Sande
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 09:41:53

    Very nice use of the space in your design. I’m pretty new to your blog and see you’re in Ann Arbor. Saying hi from Monroe just south of you.


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