WoW! New feature: Thursday Lists!

“This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”–Arthur Dent, protagonist, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I’m a heart-breaker, list-maker, note-taker. Don’t you mess around with me. If I had only known how those sticky rectangles would affect me, I’d have bought stock years ago. I’m not square; I like mine long.

As a bow to my dear friend Jane, goddess of lists, I can only aspire to be a princess in her kingdom. Thus begins a NEW weekly feature here at wolfhowlings: Thursday’s List.

Why lists?
— They’re easy. I may not be easy, but I like easy.
— Anyone can do them. Everyone does.
— They are fun snippets of Life.
— They are useful: Angie’s List, craigslist, Honey-do.
— Playlists are the music to our souls.
— They can be about anything. And everything.
— For inspiration: Bucket list, wish list.
— The singular rhymes with twist, exist, persist and kissed.
— Guidance: Top 10 lists.
— They can be short. Or long.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tina
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 06:46:39

    Saturday List
    1. Buy husband birthday card.
    2. Visit the Philadelphia Flower Show this week.
    3. Order seeds and supplies for the garden.
    4. Rake and clean flower beds and garden.
    5. Hang our Welcome Spring flag


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