Spring into a List…kinda

Last week, it was in the 60s, and I was without a coat. Long sleeves felt almost too hot as I walked around. This week, let’s just say that “brrrrrrr” doesn’t begin to cut it. How have we jinxed spring?

— Four days ago we said, “Spring has arrived!”
— I washed my heavy winter coat.
— I dared think that it was finally time to get the mudsnow washed off my car.
— The first bulbs popped up. What were they thinking?
— I thought the word: sandals.
— K washed his sweatpants and got out his casual shorts.
— The delish local ice cream store Dairy King opened. And we had cones.
…………….. (Oh, but they were soooo good!)
— I made a huge donation to Goodwill. (“Spring” cleaning.)
— The weatherfolk said, “It looks like the worst is over this winter.”
— In December, we all said, “Wait until March; we’ll love the weather then.”

Be careful what you wish for….


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