Thursday’s List – Billy Joel’s wisdom

I have my husband to thank for my return to home base.

Thanks to the iPhone app TuneIn Radio, I can hear radio stations from around the world. The music forum he is active on recommended it, so he got it. He found my beloved station East Coast radio station, so I had to have the app. Reconnecting with New Jersey 101.5 has been a little slice of really good pizza. This is not your parents’ talk radio. Recent topics include: Facebook, how often the phrase “having/had sex” is spoken on The Secret Life of an American Teenager, pitbull protests, rap musician touting cop killer to perform in White House, NJ city names turned into porn names, and the definition of “animated” movies. Not only that, but weather every 10 minutes and NJ fast traffic every 15 minutes!

Inspired by the music lyrics conversation, here is a list of some insights from songster Billy Joel:

— “Leave a tender moment alone.”
— “We’re only human.”
— “Sometimes a fantasy is all you need.”
— “Sooner or later you’ll get your second wind.”
— “We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world’s been turning.”
— “You can’t go the distance with too much resistance.”
— You may be wrong, but you may be right.”
— “Tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems”
— “Don’t go changing to try and please me.”


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