Diva’s Zentangle Challenge #23

This is my first challenge as a CZT.

At Oakhurst Retreat and Conference Center, everyone gathered with their own electricity. We admired each other’s work and were inspired (at least I was). Maria and Rick were so kind to open their house and studio to us. I had the best roommate; she also liked to stay up late. We chatted as I had with my college roomie: “good night” “good night” “Oh, one more thing…okay, goodnight” “Good night. Wait, for tomorrow, do we…?”

That was the weekend: a bonding. Art brought us together like one big slumber party, only deeper. I had never been in a room completely filled with passionate artists. Not to say that scrapbooking isn’t art, but that’s a more social experience. We were not creating “a” project; we were creating ourselves with no expectations.

Gosh, that does sound deep. Muck-n-mire deep. What else can I say? I think about how my college art friends might describe it, but I can’t find the words. I don’t know how they would have conveyed that. I left exhausted and excited. I needed a week away from it to absorb it all. And so, this is my first official tile as a CZT.

The challenge? Take her pre-designed string  and use the patterns fate brings with the roll of the Zentangle kit’s icosahedron die. Much like the Diva, I can’t recall the last time I used it. I’ve had the kit for five months, and I like the idea of not choosing. I know I’ve never used a pre-strung tile before. The CZT workshop taught me a lot about opening up and challenging myself, so I was prepared for new patterns. I had no idea how stick-y they would be.

In the order I rolled, luck of the die presented Keeko, Fescu, Chartz, Static and Xircus. I love Fescu for its natural white space. Keeko is just a fun combination of little strokes, one I use often. Each one of these is line heavy. I like orbs and contrast; these patterns had very little of that. In addition, the rubber band on my braces has been pulling at my jaw, so I was quite grumpy today. Refocus was just what I needed. Compared side up to the challenge tile, here’s my creation:

I drew the patterns as-is, for the experience. No tweaking, no experimenting. Half of these were new patterns to me, and they felt awkward in my hand. Baby steps. I was not thrilled with line pattern after line pattern. How to make this more enjoyable? I looked at ways to weave them together, much as Maria had discussed over the weekend. That challenge lightened my mood. If I could make all these straight lines flow together….

I did flow to my satisfaction. In my haste of delight, I drew over the circle in the string. Oops. Then I shaded one pattern too heavy for my taste. Oops. There’s no eraser in life and there’s none here. I blended more, I breathed and I stopped after shading each section to appreciate what I had done so far. I breathed even more as I admired my art. In doing that, I saw ways that I could have improved the designs more to my liking. I also saw the ways in which it appealed to me. Lines aren’t so bad. Shading has always been a challenge for me, so the darker areas were a good experiment. The CZT weekend gifted me something special. Appreciation and improvement (also called experience) is Life.

Now to do it all over again.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cris
    May 25, 2011 @ 04:31:57

    I loved reading about your experience at the CZT retreat. I just went in February and I still don’t think I’ve absorbed it all yet. Congratulations and welcome to the club.


  2. Joni Feddersen
    May 25, 2011 @ 04:57:02

    Congratulations on becoming a CZT! Your experience was well voiced and brings back great memories for all who have gone before! Love you tile for the challenge, you have woven the tangles to where they really blend.


  3. Camilla
    May 26, 2011 @ 02:40:36

    Glad your survived – congratulations on the CZT certification! Your Zentangle is lovely.

    Hope to see you at papermaking in June :)



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