Di’s rainy WoW for May 25

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”~Sydney J. Harris, journalist

When’s the last time you stopped to watch the rain? I did, this morning.

Just last week, I did a post about rain, so of course those songs are rolling around stuck in my head.

Today started gray, one of those Starbucks Via mornings complete with a peanut butter + butter sandwich because both are quick to make. The rain started soon after. There was a bunny sitting in the middle of the lawn, so I watched it, and that led to watching the rain. I’ve always loved the steady pat-pat-pitter-slap-tap. The lightning, suddenly bright and flashing. The thunder, deep and angry.

There is something so incredibly romantic and mysterious about rain. It’s relaxing to watch from the safe indoors, snuggling in a comfy sweater or deep blanket, with a cup of hot cocoa/coffee/tea/toddy warming your hands.  I curled on the floor with my cup of coffee and watched the water fall on the deck, circle after circle.  It was soothing to study each drop splattering, even when the weather became intense and the rain fell sideways.  I forgot all else, just the water and the raindrops.  How they danced around the fallen leaves.  How they rolled into rivers down the wooden slats.  How they made the deck white as they splattered the deck.  No music, no TV, just the falling rain to entertain.

I made the time for the leisure.  Much like Zentangle brings an out of focus relaxation, I lost myself in the steady rain.  Some people may find this boring or lonely, but when’s the last time you stopped, I mean really stopped, to just be?   I don’t recall what I thought of, which means I did it right.


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