Di’s Birthday Week Day 6: The Game

White out. Penn State’s famous for that. Overhead shots of Beaver Stadium are just grand to see.

The first and only White-Out was two years ago. We played Iowa. It was cold, it rained all day and we lost. Rain was predicted for today. Some years ago, my dear friend Deb got me two white PSU rain ponchos as a gift. Good stuff, the type with a slightly rimmed hood to keep water out of eyes. That was an awesome gift. We wore those ponchos at the Iowa White Out game, and I brought them for today’s game. What an awesome friend; the gift that keeps on giving!

Of course, we didn’t need them today. Beautiful weather. The pre-game pep rally Tail Great did not disappoint, complete with our new Blue Sapphire, a male this time, with his signature move of bouncing the twirler off the floor In the stadium, sea of white, helped by white pom poms A lot of red splotches So *this* is what it’s like to really be at a White Out.

amazing 9/11 tribute at halftime The Blue Band formed a field-long straight line walking toward the west zone. Breathless. We lost. My thoughts are that bad ref calls sucked our momentum away and our hide-and-seek quarterback shuffle interrupted flow. Alabama was a good team, and their fans were better.

Dinner at The Deli followed by Apple Cobbler Crunch ice cream from the Creamery. My final days of Birthday Week are awesome.



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