The week that is but wish that it was was

Welcome Zentanglers and friends. If you didn’t stop by my Halloween blog party last week, consider this your invitation. The festivities are still in full swing!

Yesterday was one of Those Days. Nothing was irreparable, nothing went wrong. Yet, for no specific reason, it felt like nothing went right. No motivation. No productivity. Frustration.

That continued into today with this week’s Diva Zentangle challenge: new tangle Punzel. This is a variation of of the tangle Chainging, but I learned that pattern in a different way than is now deconstructed. Chainging always reminded me of a chainlink fence lock or a gold necklace. Punzel adds a touch of flourish to it, a thickness, an intricacy. Me, I always linked Chainging together to flow as one long, continuous strand. Punzel does not work with my old way, and it took me entirely too many attempts before I realized that.

I did get it, sort of, by practicing with color for each “link.” With that confidence, I started my tile. However, I was already frustrated, tense and annoyed. I wanted this challenge done as soon as possible. The easiest way? Borders.

I started with colors then played with a variant I practiced with to get Punzel’s concept: triangles. It’s an interesting look, one I may want to explore further. Then I used black and white contrast. That was enough, and I still felt unsatisfied like I rushed through an unpleasant task. Determined to rescue this tile and my sanity, I promised myself I could play with fun tangles once Punzel was done.

And so it was.

I didn’t want my colored strand to be lonely, so I added a red tangle. Energy. Then I weaved other patterns together. Two students asked me how they could get tangles to flow together rather than end at the edge of their string. You look for organic openings, for places that have a natural continuation, for a space you can mirror a shape or aura in. I love the challenge of finding those, so I went on a treasure hunt in my tile. At the end of this exercise, I like it. A lot.

Nothing went wrong, but nothing felt like it went right. Until I worked through it.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. maria
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 04:56:03

    Diana, I LOVE this tile, besides for it’s beauty….the story is great. Punzel is a bit challenging…. but sometimes I feel there should be one of those to make us think….just a bit. Especially if we have been creating Zentangles for some time. Maria


  2. Susan
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 07:21:35

    Love the Punzel as a border…I found it quite difficult to draw and still need lots of practice!


  3. Terrie: Creative Explorer
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 07:36:21

    Your commentary is so true – sometimes those days just come along and they’re tough to set right – your tangle is inspiring, especially the way you relate it back to your ‘bad’ day! Thanks for sharing.


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