Penn State Alumni and the Blues

How appropos. Listening to the song “Couldn’t get it right” by Climax Blues Band while reading the latest Penn State Alumni newsletter. The lyrics ring true these days:

“But I kept on looking for a sign
In the middle of the night
But I couldn’t see the light
No, I couldn’t see the light”

From this lastest AlumnInsider come these Executive Director’s Insights from Roger L. Williams (’73, ’75g, ’88g):

“No question that these are the Dickensian ‘worst of times’ for Penn State. But what happened in the Sandusky grand jury indictment has nothing to do with the values of Penn State or with its fundamental quality as an academic institution, at least as I have come to know the University since 1968 as a student, staff member, faculty member, and administrator. This tragedy has nothing to do with who we are or what we do. This is not attributable to a systemic failure of the institution nor to a flaw in its organizational culture. This tragic episode in no way defines us as an academic community, and it does not call into question the morality of 96,000 students, 557,000 alumni, 43,000 faculty and staff and countless friends of the University.”

Well said, Roger.  Thank you.


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