WoW from The City, December 29

I’m from New York. I will kill to get what I need. “~Lady Gaga, American singer

I hear she’s scheduled to perform here on New Year’s Eve. Well. I will not be here, and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.

Things I miss about New York City:
— Times Square roasted cashews and peanuts
— NY Pizza
— Rockefeller Center, tree and all
— NY Bagels
— Wandering the Swatch store. Yes, there is a whole corner devoted to this 1980s fad. The prices have changed from then, however.
— Riding the train from Hamilton, NJ and getting on a stop early enough to guarantee not only a seat but two together.
— The fun and challenging game of Taxicab Dodge’Em
— Breathing in the electricity of the pounding streets


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