The Paterno WoW for January 27

Let us remember him as he should be remembered:

“Losing a game is heartbreaking. Losing your sense of excellence or worth is a tragedy. “~Joe Paterno, former Penn State football head coach

Today was the public memorial for Joe Paterno held at the Bryce Jordan Center on campus. There were 10,000 free tickets available to attend and they were all claimed in seven minutes. It was broadcast uninterrupted on Big Ten Network. The planned-hour tribute lasted almost two. I could never imagine that the home to rock concerts and THON could ever be as still as it was today. It’s a good thing there was a full tissue box handy and a husband whose arms were around me the whole time. Testimony after testimony of the good he did, of his selfless nature. Simple stories that were extraordinary: asking random students he passed “how are you?” and waiting for a response. Sending a letter to an ill stranger because that person’s family member said that such a note would help. Giving a rally boost to dancers in THON. Signing autograph after autograph after attendees were told “there will be no autographs.” There was also the extraordinary that was extraordinary: flying himself or a teammate every week to visit an injured football player.

Those simple things leave such an impact.


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