Brace yourself for a one week WoW

“Freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew.”~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet

It’s been one week without braces. My reaction?

Retainers suck. Literally.

Like biting your fingernails or chewing gum, I find myself sucking on the upper retainer. It’s meant to fit snugly but not airtight, so there’s just enough space to get a good…well…a good suck. This is going to be akin to sucking a thumb, a hard habit to break someday.

Just one month shy of three years in braces, there are other hard habits to break. Brushing my teeth after eating anything. Sure, brushing is a good thing, everyone should do it, but it’s now become compulsive reaction. Food stuck on your teeth is a mossy feeling. I still cut up my food. Part of that comes from the health-conscious side of me: portion control. Part of it is my mindset that I need tiny bites to shove in the back of my mouth. It took me six days before I realized I could actually bite into a slice of pizza. Eat like a normal person. It’s been thrilling at almost every meal with my husband to say, “look at me!” as I bite into a quesadilla or burger.

It’s hard to feel excited when my teeth are now in a clear plastic jail. When I take the retainers off to eat, there is some pressure, not unlike after a braces tightening. Sure, I can eat any food, but there’s still a tenderness. That’s distracting from my joy.

Food, however, has still been a joy. So far this past week I have enjoyed:
–Marshmallow crisy treat
–Baby carrots
–3 snack bags microwave popcorn
–Hard shell tacos
–Crispy coated cashews
–Crusty bread
–Pasta sauce with shredded tomato slices
–Chocolate covered caramel squares
–Pretzels, the big chunky sourdough kind
–Coconut macaroon

I haven’t had time for gum yet, my teeth being tender after retainer removed after all, but I have three packs of it (two of which my husband has already raided). I saved the receipt from buying them to scrapbook.

What’s next? Stay tuned til next week.

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