WoW: Cricut on February 11

“Details create the big picture.”~Sanford I. Weill, American banker

Today was my all-day Cricut workshop at Sticker Store and More.  I never needed a Cricut, I never wanted a Cricut; but now that my husband gave me one as a Christmas present, I wanted to learn how to use this machine that I now absolutely adore and enjoy!

I read the manual after the holidays.  I played around cutting some images.  Coming to this reinforced what I knew of the buttons and switches.  The number one thing I walked away with form the morning session?  Before you cut a completely new image, hit “Reset All” to clear the display any formatting of the most recent image.

In the afternoon session, I etched a dragonfly onto a glass mirror.  I cut old fashioned antique keys to make acrylic rubber stamps.  I made a flower shape out of fabric.  I cut out some small kissing birds to create a stencil. I learned that many of these materials can be colored with Copic markers, so this is a perfect excuse to play and experiment with my most-recent birthday present.  Yes, my husband is a good man, a smart man and an enabler.  Remember, I didn’t need any of these things until I received them.  Ahhhh, I love that man.

And my cough from Friday has gotten worse.  I hope it’s not developing into something more.  The instructor and store owner were both fighting off a cold, and unlike my instructor, I did not have any EmergenC.


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