WoW: Tangle me some THON, baby!

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”~Wayne Dyer, American author
Stay awake for 12 hours; that’s a workday.  Stay awake for 24 hours; that’s pulling an all-nighter or laughing through a slumber party.  Stay awake for 46 hours and you’ve got THON.

This is THON 2010

 The Penn State Dance Marathon–affectionately called THON— is about kids battling cancer.  It provides financial support to families and research efforts at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital and through the Four Diamonds Fund.  Kids undergoing cancer treatment are so brave. This is a party for them and their families, a weekend to forget their sickness and celebrate life.
Standing awake for two days is a treasured opportunity for students at Penn State University.  The Bryce Jordan Center can only accomodate 708 dancers, currently, but I guarantee you that at least another 200 students were vying for that honor.  I dare say that if THON could be held in Beaver Stadium that the football field would not be large enough to hold everyone.

In 1991, I danced in THON as a student, on a casual whim, actually.  In 1992, I was Morale for a dancer couple because I so enjoyed THON experiencethe previous year and wanted to give back.  As a dancer, my role was to raise money, stand on my feet for 48 hours (back then) and cry during Family Hour.  As a Moraler, your role is to support dancers with foot massages, backrubs, little toys and words of encouragement.  All THON alumni are welcome to raise funds for two coveted Alumni Dancer couple spots.

Doin' the Line Dance!

With fierce determination, my partner and I raised more than $7000 to earn one of those spots in 2010.  Even as an adult, I used up my stash of tissues during Family Hour, the time when families come onstage to tell their stories of victory overcoming cancer and those who did not.  We make a difference for them.

This week I’m the guest blogger for the Diva’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge #58 , sharing this cause to the Zentangle community worldwide.  Thank you, Laura, for giving me this opportunity.  I am thrilled to combine these two passions together, the lack of which would leave my life empty.  I’ll be tangling tiles each day to donate to Four Diamonds families after the delicious madness of THON is over.  I encourage any of you who wish to contribute in some way do so.
No matter what your role, ultimately we do it For The Kids.

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