Retained but not restrained…WoW!

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”~Carl Reiner, American comedian

A storm is expected to roar through Michigan tomorrow. As a kid, I adored crossing the street to slide down the hill for hours and hours. Now…I hate commuting in icky weather.

My orthodonist gave me two thumbs up today. My dentist did not think I needed cosmetic tooth bonding, neither did her partner orthodonist and neither did mine. My ortho did a fabulous job, and now I don’t need to see him until May, weeks before he graduates and moves back to Nevada.

It is because of him I am in the torture of dentur–I mean, retainers–but it is because of him that I have now eaten my first apple. Bit right into it…well, almost. My teeth are tender immediately after I remove my retainer. I made a few bite mark indents in the apple, a vast improvement and a happy one. It is added to my repetoire of no-longer-forbidden foods that now includes:
–Gummy bears

Retainers will be examined in May and then July. At that time, the frequency of wearing them may decrease. That is something to look forward to. That and petrified Peeps on Easter. Gotta start early.


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