I might as well be Tangling in the sun

It’s been hard to get back to blogging.  Wispy remnants of my aunt’s death still flit around.  I am reminded of what I have (my husband; my friends) and what I don’t have (my grandmother, my dad, my uncle and now my aunt).  Thank you, everyone, for your kind wishes.

Today was a fine day to tangle Fengle.  The sun was out with a smidge breeze in Ann Arbor this afternoon.  Solidario blend brewed at Espresso Royale, my coffee haunt when I’m in town, so this was the perfect day to play hooky and get my car repaired while I wandered the sidewalks around the university.

I sat in the shade on a cement railing and checked my Zentangle class registration at MegaMeet.  My Thursday class is in the orange!  Four seats remain before my three classes at the scrapbook convention are full!   I got myself a pre-Celebratory Frappuccino frapp and sat back down in the shade to tangle. 

(By the way, one cup of coffee has nothing to do with another.  Local coffee=best.  ChainStore frapp=best. Two different treats.)

I haven’t played much with this tangle.  Everytime I do, I am reminded of a dancing starfish.  Diva Challenge #63 pushed me back into this fun, easy pattern.  It feels so natural to place it in the middle, but I wanted it off-center.  I was feeling bouncy so I added a few of my go-to tangles around it; I rather like the spiraling effect achieved.  Such a completely different spiral effect than last week’s.  There’s Energy here.  Is it moving toward or out of the tangle explosion?  Originally, the “arms” of Fengle were going to be colored, but when I started out from the center, I liked the half-done look.  Of course, my car was ready by this time and lunch was a long time past, so I was ready to go home. 

I almost had a cup of Bubble Tea, something I have craved since before my braces came off, but chose the frapp.  No, I’m saving that special treat for when–not “if” but “when”–my classes completely sell out.


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  1. ledenzer
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 08:33:23

    The fengle does appear to be dancing…. in your sketch especially because it also appears to be spinning! I love how tangle allows movement to shine!


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