Friday the 13, Take Two

 “If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.”~Noel Coward

This year, 2012, there will be three Friday the 13ths.  Luckily, two have just passed: January 13 and April 13.  When you factor in July, those days are exactly 13 weeks apart.

It seems like everyone does some list of famous births or events.  I’ll be cliché and do a Top 13 list, but I’m including both historic births AND deaths that occurred on a Friday the 13th:

1. Horatio Alger, American author – Friday January 13, 1832

2. Robert LeRoy Parker a.k.a. Butch Cassidy, American bank and train robber –  Friday, April 13, 1866

For Tim Holtz ATC swap, I named my card "The Sound of Music" (see #6)

3. Bess Truman, former First Lady of the United States – February 13, 1885

4. Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister (and the only woman to hold the office) –  Friday October 13, 1923

5. Fidel Castro, former Prime Minister and President of Cuba – Friday, August 13, 1926

6. Christopher Plummer, Canadian actor (The Sound of Music) – Friday, December 13, 1929

7. Peter Tork, American musician (The Monkees) –  Friday, February 13, 1942

8.  Tony Dow,  American actor (Leave it to Beaver) – Friday, April 13, 1945

9.  Jacques de Molay, last known Grand Master of the Knights Templar – Friday, March 13, 1314

10. Hubert Humphrey, 38th Vice President of the United States – Friday, January 13, 1978

11. Christopher Wilder, Australian-born serial killer and FBI’s “most wanted man” – Friday, April 13, 1984

12. Benny Goodman, American jazz musician known as “the King of Swing” – Friday, June 13th, 1986

13. Tupac Shakur, American rap musician – September 13, 1996


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