April 15: a disaster in the making

“A disaster where marble has been substituted for imagination.”~Ada Louise Huxtable, American architecture critic

I am not referring to Tax Day, which has been moved this year.

My husband often refers to me as “pea,” as in “hap-pea” (in a good mood), “grump-pea” (in a bad mood), “scrap-pea” (when I’m scrapbooking), “V.I.-Pea” (when I’m being treated extra-special), “word-pea” (when I’m writing), “CZT-Pea” (when I’m teaching Zentangle or just tangling), “flop-pea” (when I’m comotose on the couch), “sleep-pea” (when I’m comotose on the couch), “nap-pea” (when I’m comotose on the couch)…okay, I’m sensing a theme here. The personal favorite that I created was when I posed with the whale mascot, Shooter, at a Plymouth Whalers ice hockey game: “Pea-Shooter.” My all-time favorite came when my husband saw me drowning among an explosion of papers I was desperately failing at organizing: “Entro-pea.”

It is that thought which brings me to today’s madness. In a synergy of motivation and prepping for a local scrapbook store’s Yard Sale, I decided to cleanse my life of my extra ATC material. Keep in mind that I scrapbook receipts, ticket stubs, business cards, notes, used gift cards and other ephemera, so I am programmed to save scraps of paper and bits of everything. Since I specialize in collagework on my ATCs, well, you sense the deadly nature here.

Before the purge

I have a beautiful box my friend Linda gave me to hold “treasured items.” My ATC items fit that definition and space until my stuff blobbed out onto the floor around the box, on my craft desk, onto the floor around the craft desk, a seperate drawer and a carry case. I decided that I would purge until everything fit back into that box. After all, how many books of Japanese text does one need. Really.

The Keep pile--it fits!

It took three rounds of separation to get it down to one box…almost. There are some novels my husband found for me that I’m not sure I want to keep or cut up. Those will go back into the separate drawer along with some handmade paper I made last summer and some napkins I want to experiment with. Everything else–my maps, music sheets, stamps, foreign pocket dictionaries, picture books of Disney and Charlie Brown and Spanish Garfield, tea bags, coffee sleeves and more–fit into the box with a small gap of breathing room. I kept about a representative dozen each of the music sheets, German and Russian text, world map pages and so on with the remaining pieces in a bag to donate or..yes…toss out to recycling.

Use it or Lose it pile

Remember, there is stuff in that pile I love. While I find folks to donate these treasures to, I am going to use them. Really. Pull out a few random items and create beauty from my disasterous collecting obsession. My Entropy card series. Watch for them here.


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