Give yourself permission

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”~Stephen King, American author

New retainers = tight = sore teeth = hot tea.

After much pain and suffering (*dramatic sigh here*), I spent an afternoon in Barnes & Noble reading mixed media art books. This is why I got into ATCs, to explore creative mediums.

Zentangle is another aspect of that. I am reminded of it every time I pick up a tile or piece of Bristol paper or even look at something that could be tangled on…which is almost everything. This week’s Diva challenge has restrictions: use only the two tangles Strircles and Hibred.

How do I start?  Knowing they can be either filler or border patterns, I wondered if I would subconsciously draw a string that enhances those tangles. To remove any potential bias, I picked out one of my ensemble tiles which happened to be a border. Since I want to leave some borders open, I was stuck with this weird swirly string of one tiny oval and several big open spaces crammed into half a tile. Too big and too small.

I started with the smaller segments and then divided the larger ones at random.  That was the hard part: making random but deliberate choices that affected the whole tile.  That’s really the challenge: what do you accomplish with limitations? How do you make two patterns unique and varied? Carry that into today.  How do you scrapbook the same events over and over while keeping each one fresh? How do you mix up a class or presentation to keep it exciting?  How do your make your same old boring life fun each day?

There’s a current TV commercial about the daily routine of a woman ordering a to-go drink at a fast food restaurant. One day, she changes the flavor and her alter-ego asks, “Who are you?” It’s a good question.


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  1. ledenzer
    May 03, 2012 @ 09:08:34

    Such a nice study in direction! I love the unexpected but total gorgeous result!


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