Sketchbook Project Tour: Chicago, Day 2

You know you’re having a fabulous time when…

You forget to check-in.
You don’t have time for FB updates.
140 characters are too many to type.
You don’t want to take a bathroom break because you’ll miss something.
You are politely but definitely pushed out of the room 15 minutes after closing.
There’s no time to write a blog post.

Here’s my second sketchbook, “The Teddy Bear Companion Book” (call #140.20-5):

I checked out the last two books I know of from my ATC sketchbook companions:

Denise Penn’s “Nothing New” sketchbook (tomsmama; call #171.4-9) uses only products on hand with the plan to not add to her stash in the coming year. I’m working on downsizing my scrapbook/ATC stash, so I admire this work. In fact, I’ve made a card similar this one.

This is one of my favorite pages from Amy Weaver’s “Time” sketchbook (theweavershand; call #146.15-10). My friend, Mary, liked the “time to make the donuts” spread.

It was an amazing connection of artists there, so many stories and…oh, that’s another post!


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