CHA Summer 2012: Press pass Day 3

Busy busy fun day here in Chicago at CHA.

Started in the Press Room. For those not in the know, here’s the room without a view.


No windows, but A/C to cool off, tables for meeting with other press members and the all-important chairs to sit down. Happy feet. For a happy you, a single-serve coffee brewer and hot water carafe for hot tea or chocolate. Make your cel phone happy with the universal charging station.


Spellbinders hosted a press breakfast with some of the tastiest pastries I’ve had; they looked dry but the crust was a soft crispy and the blueberry filling sweet but not too much. Then it was off to wander the showroom floor.

Giveaways at the Graphics 45 booth for the first 45 people. A vendor told me yesterday that he saw people sprinting to the booth. I didn’t believe him until I saw folks dash by me to the far end of the convention hall.

I learned that I can use the blending Copic markers on Zentangle tiles. I received some Spica pens and now know what they are and why my online ATC forum praises them: fine with a subtle glitter. I also used the thinnest-nib pen I am aware of, tinier than an .005 Micron. Zentangle Heaven.

Make-n-takes at Faber-Castell with their Gelatos, Darcie’s with shrink plastic and cards at BoBunny and WeR Memory Keepers. The magic show at the Sizzix booth was outstanding, especially with the giveaway at the end. The woman next to me dated a magician so she was able to catch his sleight of hand moves. I was amused watching her expressions.

I wandered by the Ranger booth for a casual Q & A discussion of their products with Tim Holtz and other attendees.


The afterparty started with dinner and one free drink, continued with a funky photo booth and ended with karaoke. When the DJ played “Bow-wow…bow wow (that’s my name)” by Snoop Dogg and followed that with a karaoke rendition of Sonny & Cher’s “I got you babe,” I knew the night could get no better. I went home to plan my attack for tomorrow. What will the last day bring…?


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