Faretheewell CHA Summer 2012

“No man is ever old enough to know better.”~Holbrook Jackson, British journalist

The word that best describes me today is: exhausted.

I made a plan and I accomplished everything I had to and wanted to.

–Last hero worship moment: Tim Holtz’s scrumptious new line of mini stamps given free to the first however many stampeded…I mean, lined up at the Stampers Anonymous booth. As a super duper extra bonus, Tim autographed each set. *sighhhh*


–After that, I sauntered over to the Graphics 45 booth and still received the paper pack for the first 45 people to say the magic phrase. That changed daily, posted on their Facebook page.

–I retained my Mayorship of CHA conference & tradeshow as well as CHA tradeshow Press Room.

–Jillibean even made a make-n-take tag at the jillibean soup booth. Isn’t she a talented kitty?


–A promising talk with a magazine editor who likes my proposed article ideas. Stay tuned for this one, folks!

There are a lot of companies who appear willing to work with Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine through contest prize donations. If you want to be a part of the fun and frenzy, check out the website.

My editor won a personal laminator. I received free copies of various magazines. There was plenty of hot tea in the Press Room, but the mini Twix and snack size Nestlé Crunch bars were nowhere to be found.

After a delish tuna melt at the hotel restaurant, which came recommended by the bartender herself–and rightly so–the long drive back home to Michigan was underway.

Nothing perks up a nighttime drive better than a Diet Coke and the Meatloaf song “Paradise by the dashboard light.”


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