Sketchbook Project 2012 in “Tour”onto

“An artist’s responsibility is more complex than people realize.”~Jodie Foster, American actress

I love my GPS. I hate my GPS.

The wonderful Christmas present from my in-laws proved invaluable navigating the twisty turns of Pittsburgh side streets. It does, however, stop talking to me on long highway drives. Combine that with the fact that the direction it takes me is different from my iPhone’s map app, Unnerving in your own country, but when you’re traveling abroad…. *shiver*

After spending a zombifying day catching up on sleep after CHA and doing laundry, I drove this morning to meet my friend, Deb. Our long-planned-but-never-executed trip to Toronto, Canada finally came to fruition as it collided with The Sketchbook Project tour. I had to show her my two books in person.

Toronto’s tour stop was at The Gladstone Hotel. Unlike the wide, bright and roomy Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, the space in this older, perhaps historic, building was smaller and darker. When the line was long, it snaked into the hallway.


We huddled together on lightweight plastic folding chairs, squeezing nine people around the two 6-person tables. The large balcony window was open to pull a cool breeze into the otherwise stuffy space.


Any inconveniences were overshadowed by the incredible art we passed among ourselves on the table. One book opened into a circus tent/merry-go-round, and it took three people reading the instructions to construct it.

I arrived with two lists of books to checkout and Deb helped me with that. There were fellow Certified Zentangle Teachers with books on tour as well as online friends’ books to view. Here’s a picture of me with my favorite page from ATCsForAll member, Dina Haskins. I also love her textured sand page.


The books seem to be paired ay checkout. We all share books we get, whether someone else at the table gasps at work they see or we declare to everyone around that “you have to see this book!” I recognized the book that came with one of mine. Tiny color-full diamond leaves that blew across one of the page spreads. Perhaps I’ll test that theory and check my books out one last time in Philadelphia. For now, Deb and I pose with my Teddy Bear Companion sketchbook.


My anxiety over the GPS was worth it to see my friends face light up in awe for others’ artbooks, including mine.

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