Fame, friends and Zentangle

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.”~Albert Einstein, German physicist

What fun today was! I spent 8 hours sitting at the front of Isabella’s Copper Pot as their artist-in-residence for downtown Plymouth’s first Art About Town. Did I sell any art? Not one piece. Did anyone buy Zentangle supplies? Not one scrap of tile. Did I meet lots of people? Oh yeah.

I did not have the opportunity to visit other stores, but I introduced a lot of people to Zentangle. They ooohed and ahhhhhh over my work, which just tickled me. A lot of people entered the drawing for my framed Zentangle art I did throughout the day.


Highlights of the day included tangling with a celebrity’s child and having a girl turn back as she left the store to say, “You’re pretty.”

Here’s a tip: whenever you see an artist doing a demo (or an author at a book signing), say hi. Do not avert your gaze and pretend we’re not there. If we weren’t friendly, we wouldn’t be there. We don’t bite and we won’t pounce on you like a shoe store salesperson.

A second tip: do not belittle the artist’s work in front of the artist. A young boy admired a framed tile I had done. “Can we get this?” he asked as he picked it up and held it to his chest.

“No,” his father said. “You can do that.”

“But…but I really want the frame,” the boy said, trying a different tactic. He whipped out his wide-eyed pleading face. As an only daughter who specializes in doe-eyes, I saw that was not working.

“No,” his mother said, taking the frame from his hands and setting it back on the table. “We can…we can get you a frame. Or make one.”

“Yeah, that will be better,” his father said.

Yes, the boy could do that and it will be more personal. That’s the power of Zentangle: empowerment. It does not mean lack of manners. That is hurtful.

For all that, there were plenty of encouraging and impressed customers. Perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to introduce some if them to Zentangle. The Zendala challenge art from yesterday caught a lot of people’s attention. They liked the quote. I like it, too. It’s a good reminder for all of us.



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