To the Penn State football game and beyond

” The emotions of the game do not change.”~Jack Youngblood, American NFL football player

The suspense is over: Penn State lost. Bill OBrien’s record with the team is 0-1.

Do I wish they had won? Of course. I wanted Bill OBrien’s debut game to be a satisfying win.

Am I sad? Yes. It does not matter how good or bad someone plays; the one with the most points wins. However, for Penn State these days, numbers mean so much more than just a final score. You or the media–even I–can conjecture why the teams played the way they did. All most of the media will focus on is the score. They will not report that early in the game, the Nittany Lions went for it on 4th down, something the previous coach did not do much. Few will see Ohio University’s illegal block in the back that the referees ignored. The general public will not know that fans and students and alumni rocked the stadium with noise until the end of the game. No one will care that the Blue Band got a standing ovation. /span>


Am I disappointed? Yeah. Am I sunburnt? My face and neck have that oh-so-attractive lobster color, so that’s a big yes.

Note to everyone out there: when you use sunscreen, do not forget the shoulders and neck. I repeat, use sunscreen liberally on neck, shoulders and chest.

Did all of that ruin my day? Nope, and I’m not just making excuses to find a bright spot in an unexpected loss. I got what I expected and then some:

I cheered. I sang songs. I jumped up and down with a family of 97,185 other sports fans. We were loud. I was part of the student section’s slow motion Wave. I had an unexpected encounter with the Nittany Lion mascot.


I walked by my old haunt, East Halls. It is the largest dorm complex on campus housing about 2800 students, which is similar to when I lived there. Ahhhhh…memories…

I walked through campus into the HUB, our student union building, to see the large aquarium. Those fish tanks are in need of some serious cleaning.

We ate at The Tavern, a restaurant I always thought of as pricey when I was a student. As an adult, the meal is a bargain: most dishes under $20 with unlimited side dishes that span from baked ziti to apple bacon slaw to French fried potatoes.

I became Foursquare Mayor of two campus venues.

Give me Liberty or give me Death By Chocolate!

I supported local businesses and eased the pain of the loss with some serious retail therapy. Or madness; I can never tell which. A benefit of alumni status is that I have earned the right to be wantonly giddy over shirts with paw prints on them.

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