It’s my party…!

“If you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late.”~Henny Youngman, British-American comedian

This is me at three months in the arms of my grandma.

A number of years ago, at 1:49pm, I entered this world with a full head of black hair. That changed to brown, disappointing mom a bit because she thought I’d have hair just like hers. However, I had long, thick hair like hers was and we got perms together.

The day started with bagels in bed. Open presents. I got a fab frapp on my way to a local scrapbook store event. I shopped with the blessing of my husband; in fact, he added a sheet or two of patterned paper that he liked to my stash. We then spent the evening with my friend Linda listening to her husband and fellow musicians play some sweet jazz into the night. Linda makes a mean cinnamon-tangy baked beans from her secret recipe, so any opportunity…!

After a chilly walk with my husband in Plymouth, I ended my day with my favorite cupcakes he bought me from our favorite local chain (three stores in Michigan, I think).

It was a good day. And it’s only Day 1 of Birthday Week for sweet pea!



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