Birthday Week, Day 3

“You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”~Donald Trump, American businessman

Think big. That’s why today is Birthday Week for Sweet Pea, Day 3.

Much like yesterday, it began with caramel coffee for our Keurig. Not just any caramel, mind you, but “gourmet” caramel. Of course, after futzing with my article last night and cursing my email for not sending my photo attachments, “today” began just after 12noon.

The big plan today was Glo Golf. We’ve lived in Michigan more than six years and have driven past the building almost every day but until today never set foot inside.

The Zap Zone has several locations, but the one on Ford Rd, has the most amenities, featuring laser tag, Glo Golf, bumper cars and cannon blasters. And Skee Ball. I love Skee Ball.


Miniature golf by blacklight. Thanks to a Foursquare tip, I knew Tuesdays were half-price golf. My husband insisted we not keep score–“it’s more fun”–but he also grabbed a scorecard for me to scrapbook.

Did I mentally keep score? Oh, I thought about it, but Posiedon, Jaws, the tiger and Tyrannosaurus Rex kept me more than entertained. Rather than being competitive, we cheered each other on and laughed at the sights. He was right: not keeping score was more fun. He made a lot of two-shot putts. I made one hole-in-one.


After 18 holes, I played two games of Skee Ball. I love Skee Ball and am usually rather good. The lanes here are a bit different than I’m used to: metal and rubber not wood, a steeper ramp and a wire fence just over the holes. My usual tactics did not work, but I did earn 13 tickets. Only 287 more to get the prize I want. Good thing my husband said he’d come back.


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