Birthday Week for Sweet Pea, Day 5

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”~Oprah Winfrey, American talk show host

My husband and I contemplated an away Penn State football game this year: Illinois.  He completed his graduate degree there, so attending those matchups are special.  The local PSU alumni chapter hosts a mixer for out-of-town guests. The Penn State Alumni Association throws a pep rally the day of the game complete with food and drinks, the cheerleaders and The Lion, the pep band and giveaways. You’re partied out before entering the stadium.

Normally, our tickets would have been in hand and the hotel room booked by mid-July.  However, since media coverage of Penn State University has not been favorable this past year, we were concerned about how away-game fans and alumni treat Penn Staters?  We were factoring in safety.  I hated that.

We were still undecided by the time we attended Penn State’s season home opener Labor Day weekend.  The sunday after the game, we caught the end of the men’s glee club performing outside a bookstore, just missing The Lion and the feature twirler, Matt Freeman.

20120920-002304.jpgMatt is the first male twirler at Penn State since 1992.  I went over to congratulate him on recent first place awards, including 2012 Collegiate Solo Champion at the summer’s National Baton Twirling Association competition. I asked about performances at away games, and he said that Illinois is the road game the entire Blue Band travels to this year.

Husband = Blue Band alum + Penn State alum + Illinois PhD + overall football fan. Yep, today I got the tickets that I ordered online for…get this!…$20 each in the visitor’s section. That is one awesome gift.


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