A sunday night Zendala

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The weather has turned cold in Michigan. And rainy. The perfect sort of night the curl up on the couch in front of a Law & Order: Criminal Intent marathon to tangle the Zendala Challenge #27. Here is my contribution.

The little template exploded into this

I don’t know what happened here. Well, actually I do, kinda. I wanted a deep contrast of dark and light. I got to the end, liked it but wanted a smidge more. My Zendala looked too geometric to me, too hard, not circular. One added flourish led to another which led to this. I finally scolded my inner editor and walked away. I am done, I told myself, and set my pen down. I I hadn’t, I’d still be touching it up today. Letting go is often the hardest part. Some shading and voila. It was nothing like it started out as or how I imagined it would be, but that is the beauty of Zentangle.


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