WoW: Pittsburgh!

“History: gossip well told.”~Elbert Hubbard, American writer

I traveled to Pittsburgh this weekend. My hometown has changed since my childhood but it is still the same. The skyline is still regal as always, especially from Mt. Washington.


I had not been up there in years. You can drive up there, but riding the Monogahela Incline is always a thrill. My husband loves it as much as I do. Pittsburghers always tease the out-of-towners by saying, “Oh, I hope the cable doesn’t break.”
The sight coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel is a breathtaking as ever. It offers the best view of the city. One minute you’re in a tunnel and the next you blast out into the skyscrapers. Ever since I rode yellow schoolbuses, the challenge has been to hold your breath through the length of the tunnel. I can still do it.
Places to eat: where do you start? Eat n’Park is a 24-hour restaurant chain, known best for its strawberry pie and Smiley Cookies. A Primanti Brothers’ sandwich is not for the faint. The trademark sandwich starts with any meat or a fried fish filet and two slices of thick white bread. What makes it unqiue is the coleslaw and french fries layered on top of the meat. True Pittsburghers add the fried egg on top. This time we ate at Church Brew Works, a microbrewery that resides in a Roman Catholic church scheduled to be demolished. You gotta try the piergoies.


See me with the stand-up JoePa!

Saturday night was the PennState TV Tailgate with the Greater Allegheny Alumni Chapter. A large crowd–half of the restaurant, actually, the entire bar area–cheered as the Lions whooped Iowa on prime time. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around so many rabid fans. It was a good night.

Pittsburgh is a friendly town. When someone rolls their eyes at me, I recount the story of when I spent 30 minutes in a Giant Eagle grocery store parking lot at midnight talking with some guy as we leaned on our respective shopping carts.

While I was in a Starbucks this weekend, a woman and I talked about the local amusement park, Kennywood, and their Halloween nights. I told my husband why I was delayed, and he summed Pittsburgh up perfectly: “Of course. That’s very important when you’re in Pittsburgh, to have long conversations with strangers you will never see again.”

Yep, I am my father’s daughter. He was born in the ‘Burgh, after all.


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