Great Lakes miniMeet: one mega experience

“Business is in itself a power.”~Garet Garrett, American journalist

And today, I am powerful!

I am wrapping up Day 2 of Great Lakes miniMeet in Toledo, Ohio. Being a teacher has been incredibly rewarding once again. I empowered people. One woman drove 3 1/2 hours to take my class. Mine! I was the whole reason she was there. My class was one of the more popular ones. Earlier today, I made 10 poeples believers that they truly were artists. Seeing their faces and hearing their collective gasp at the end of class when I lay out the class mosaic…well, it is always inspiring. Sometimes a class is just a class, always good but…. Today, I rocked the room. Look at the beautiful art they created!


Being a vendor was also rewarding but in an exhausting way. Like good customer service, I always had to be “on.” Zentangle excites me, and I had to show that enthusiasm all day long. I admit, that is quite tiring, but every new face who came to my booth deserved to share in the thrill of it with me. Many people did.

Some people were not interested. I understand that, and I did not take that personally. I cannot. Not everyone will be entranced as I am. That is what makes the scrapbooking community–and the world in general–so unique and fun. Digital scrapbooking does not interest me, nor does needlework and stitching on pages. I appreciate more hands-on experiences, using paper and die cuts and flower embellishments. I like jewelry making to an extent, but investing a lot of time creatively means investing in a whole new set of tools. I will stick with paper, thank you.


I learned a lot about displays and layouts in a booth. You need to be flexible with product layout on a table or wall. There are friendly vendors out there, so just ask your next-booth neighbors if you want to hang something from the back of their wall or prop something beside their displays.

Will I do something like this again? Absolutely! I will be at the Great! Scrapbooking Deer Widows Weekend next week. There are no classes just cropping and shopping. I wonder how that experience will compare to this one. Stay tuned.

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