Thanks for what?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a different ceebration with family: here I am at the annual Detroit Lions football game.


This may not be traditional, but there is no need to feel sad for me. My family lives out of town in various places in Ohio, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. My local friends have their own celebrations with family. A quiet night cooking dinner with my husband is a treat.

None of which stops me from making my mom’s homemade stuffing. Nasty Stove Top will never set a crumb inside my house. It starts with a modest loaf of white bread, cubed and pan fried the night before.


The next morning, mix milk, egg and the four secret ingredients in a large bowl and you’re done. After stuffing the turkey, the remaining stuffing always sat out when I was a kid so we could snack on it during the day. With only a turkey breast roast, all of the stuffing sits out at room temp. Yes, you read that right: unrefrigerated milk and egg mix will sit on the counter for days. If I’ve lived this long doing that, there’s no reason to change. Yummmm!


Many people will remark today about the sweeping, generic big things they are grateful for–friends, family and health. Of course those are important, but I take that one step deeper and comment on the small everyday things that make my life more enjoyable. I am thankful for:

–driving all the way down the road without hitting one red light
–a fully-charged cell phone
–fresh batteries and a supply of lightbulbs
–exact change
–a warm blanket fresh from the dryer
–drivers who lets me and my car merge in front of them
–having a door held for me, by either a man or a woman, especially when my arms are full
–a phone call from a friend, just to talk

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