It’s a midweek WoW

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”~Robert Byrne, American writer

Tonight was my Writers Group annual dinner party, hosted at a Chinese buffet by one of our members. She whisked us back to her house as she does each year and feeds us even more. Critiquing stories is much more interesting after chocolate chip cheesecake, raspberries and glasses of Pinot Gris.

I was so jazzed after NaNoWriMo that I just had to submit a piece of writing. Did I actually learn the stuff I thought I had learned doing Nano?

Turns out I did. My 2-page story in my dad’s memoir was vibrant in my own eyes and it rocked everyone else’s world, too. My piece was more conversational than previous submissions, a reflection of the free writing I did throughout those 50,000 words. A memoir reveals both the fun and the flaws of the author. No one is perfect, no matter what our minds try to convince us of, and this piece was a perfect balance of memory and reality. It also made people laugh, say “awwwwwww” and gasp at the part where Dad discovers his letters to me unread and piled on my desk.

Moments every writer lives for. Thank you!



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