12-12-12 at 12:12

I don’t think I’ve heard so many news discussions or read so many social media posts about “today’s date” since the new millennium.


The staple ingredient in mom’s Lebkuchen cookie recipe.

At 12:12am, I was baking a batch of cookies that did NOT make mom’s recipe proud. Any number of things could have gone wrong: too much flour, too high baking temperature, too long baking…who knows? The recipe is one of those old fashioned hand-written on an index card which includes instructions like “Bake about 30 to 40 mins. or until done in medium oven.” That explains a lot.


This is what 12:12pm looks like

At 12:12pm, I sat in a Caribou Coffee shop sipping a light vanilla latte and desperately waiting for wifi to kick in and grant me Internet access. It did finally connect, but then I spent so much time on Facebook and Foursquare that it did not matter.


Snufflet and Finse drinking latte at 12:12pm


My Office Guys were with me, sharing in this memorable moment. They, too sipped latte. We all shared the drink and the moment in history.
My husband was far from chilly Michigan. At 12:12pm, he had just finished his morning sessions at a conference in San Diego. Then he went to the beach. He wins the most exciting 12:12 contest.


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