The Blog Friendship Cup: next stop

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.”~Robert H. Schuller, American televangelist

The Blog Friendship Cup is on its way!

Yep, I am totally lame because I held onto the cup for longer than I should have. Life has a way of asserting itself saying “Live me!” and pushing fun stuff aside. Then fun stuff becomes responsibility and then everything gets muddled. I decided to wait until after the holiday mail rush to get the package out. And so it goes.

Do you remember how it all began? It started here when I won the cup. Then the cup arrived and I received all sorts of goodies!


My contribution: masculine pink

Now that it was mine, temporarily, I had to follow the rules set forth by Aunty Teeni. As stated above, I blew #1. Rule #2 was to “alter it in some creative way.” Sooner or later someone was bound to paint it, so I decided to be that one.

I have gotten in touch with my inner pink over the years, so I added that touch of me to it, but just on the outside. I am not a frilly pink, so I mixed red and deep pink acrylic paints to create a dusty maroon.


Apparently, I have not yet mastered the art of gesso, and a smidge or three spilled over to the inside. I dabbed a bit all over to make it a speckled blend, justifying it by saying to myself that I have started prepping it for some future alteration. Just like a Zentangle, I work with my mis-steps and make it complete.
Rule #3: “Place a small gift inside.” The cup is on its way to Cathy Cusson and I looked at her blog for inspiration. She’s a tangler, too, with some awesome art on her site. She dabbles in severa forms of mixed media, and I took that into consideration when I chose a gift. Gifts, actually. I’ll let her describe the contents, but I will say that any gift should include chocolate and who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh?



Unofficial Rule #3 1/2: Add a tag. Everyone included contact information in some form on a tag, so I was not about to break the tradition. Besides, when I hear the word “tag,” my mind instantly jumps to Tim Holtz’s altered tags and this was a perfect excuse to use my grungy supplies. And to buy more. One can never have too much shabby chic grunge.

I smeared and blended a base of distress stains on a manilla tag I had from this summer’s CHA show press room. I mixed in a touch of metallic paint to add that extra shimmer. I stamped some oh-so-sophisitcated images from a Close To My Heart stamp set in Archival black ink. I touched up the clocks with Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint. It doesn’t show up well in these photos but it is there. Inked the edges with Distress Inks, added fringy fibers and voila!


The cup so far, and it’s only going to get better.

Rule #4: Take a photo and blog about it. Geez, that’s an easy one to follow. This is a composite picture of the alterations to date: Aunty Teeni’s cup, Sharon Ojala’s crochet heart danglie, Laura “the Diva” Harms’ tangled cup bottom and then my super-cool paint job. Looking at the progression of this humble tan cup as I insert these links simply amazes me with the creativity as it metamorphasizes into what it will become.

Presentation is everything and I am sentimental, so I wrapped the cup in the original box.


The box sides were splitting so I strengthened them with solid packing tape. Dad would be proud of me since he was the one who taught me how to package boxes. With a slide of the original polka dot bow, the gift is Tennessee-bound to share the love and friendship.
Follow the cup’s escapades here as it travels the everywhereosphere.

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