2013 starts with a bang and two little words

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”~Abraham Lincoln, former American president

How interesting. I used another quote by Lincoln last January at this time. Maybe it’s a sign I should see the movie now.

Cool New Years Eve event: my husband and I watched Philadelphia fireworks from the deck of the Battleship New Jersey across the river in Camden. For $5, you could enter a raffle to fire one of the ship’s guns at midnight. “You only need one ticket,” so I bought one. I won! I was one of the few women to fire the gun, the 5″ or what the docent called “the pea shooter.” As the starboard side gun, I welcomed in 2013. You could see the flames like a firecracker at the end of the barrel when I fired, and the kickback jostled the deck. I smiled and giggled the whole way home!


I went back to see if I wrote about my resolutions for the upcoming year, the one that just ended. Nope. Just as well; I didn’t follow through.

Two little words: Keep Up.

Send birthday cards. On time. Answer emails. Return phone calls. Balance checkbook. Read magazines. You know, all that stuff that can be–and is–pushed aside into a pile that grows too big you don’t know where or how to approach the beast.

This does involve a bit of catch up or give up. You can’t do too much catch up because you’ll never Keep Up. That’s the give up part, but it’s not a sense of failure but one of power. If I have an email from two years ago and haven’t done anything with it by now, then it’s probably not important. So, say…delete emails more than 12 months old or six months or whatever. That is the first step to catch up to Keep Up.

That’s my plan again. This year started out with a bang, so let’s see how that goes this year.

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  1. lidawma
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 15:26:47

    Wow, that is exciting. You got to fire one of the guns to ring in the new year. That’s one of those things that will be a cool story to tell when you are really old and look back on your life… it would be for me anyway. Happy New Year and good luck on the resolutions.


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