Can you do what we did in 22 minutes?

“The principles of true art is not to portray but to evoke.”~Jerzy Kosinski, writer

Today marks the day that Mary and I begin co-hosting our monthly ATC group in Michigan.

Today totally rocked!!


Beware! Artists at play

On the second Wednesday of evey month, we meet at the scrapbook store Scrappy Chic in Livonia. We trade cards and learn an art technique. We have spiced that up a bit. Now we begin every meetng with a 22-minute creative frenzy. Everyone brings supplies to share: paints, book pages, music sheets, fabric, buttons. We create two artist trading cards. The idea behind this is not to think, just create. Go with the moment. No theme, no subject, just let go and play. Very Zentangle-esque.

That was an amazing time. People joked about the pressure to create, they stressed, laughed, shared ideas, complimented each other’s work and had a ball o’ fun. Did everyone create two cards? No, and that wasn’t th point. One woman prepped the base for three cards with silver paint. One person had time to collage two cards and started on a third. One person finished one-and-a-half cards. You can do so much in 22 minutes.


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