I have found my Inner Pink

“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude.”~Miley Cyrus, American singer

There was a time when I thought pink was for girls. Girly-girls, I mean, princesses and ballerinas. I was a Disney child who grew up believing in Prince Charmings but playing with Matchbox cars. Dolls weren’t fun to play with because they had hard heads and weren’t fun to play with.


Diva Finse embraces his inner and outer pink

Okay, Barbie was cool for awhile, but I outgrew her when I hit my teenage years. I preferred stuffed animals were cuddly and soft, and they could be either male and female. Cabbage Patch Kids just laid around in the dirt while Tenderheart Bear lead the Care Bears clan.

Now that marketers have discovered that women attend sporting events, the apparel world has blossomed into a delightful shade of non-Pepto, and that has captured my attention. Maybe this is my mid-pink crisis.


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