Tangled up in Great Lakes Mega Meet, Day 1

“To know oneself, one should assert oneself.”~Albert Camus, French author

That’s what it means to throw yourself out into the world and share yourself through scrapbooks. Deep, right? It’s also about how I teach Zentangle. I share my stories, my experiences, thoughts, fears and wonders. That engages students. That makes it authentic. Zentangle is so personal, how can you distance yourself?

Scenes from my classes today: Zendala.


Take a look at my Zentangle Garden student creations:


Impressive class mosaics, aren’t they? I’m always amazed at these and point out something unique in everyone’s tile. Imagine if you will, four times the number of tiles laid out. That was the number of tiles spread out at my CZT Certification Workshop. Let me tell you, breathtaking.

MegaMeet is not just about my classes. I take classes as well and make time to shop the showroom floor. I also scrapbook with my friends at the 6-hour crop there. Today is the start of a long, wonder-full weekend.

And there’s always Tim Holtz to watch!


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