Read books…or tear them up

Art urges voyages, and it is easier to stay at home.”~Gwendolyn Brooks, American poet

As if I did not have enough creativity in my life, I have immersed myself in altered books. This has been going on for awhile, a natural extension of ATCs, but I only recently discovered a group that meets monthly at a local scrapbook store to play within paper.

What do I bring? Geez, what can’t I bring? If I can bring my whole craft room for a weekend crop, I could easily bring the living room and basement for this afternoon.

No, I controlled myself. Like in Zentangle: focus. I brought the two books I have to complete, three mini albums I found sans pictures, December 2012 pictures and finally some happy collage materials of maps, music sheets and cartoons. Oh, I threw in the blendable acrylic paints I bought at MegaMeet last week. My gosh, has it only been 7 days?

I painted a few pages, cropped some photos and talked a lot. Here’s one page I worked on, my Winnie the Pooh spread, with Crop Guys Jillibean and Stripe-pea watching in the back, far from the paints and glue.



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