Today is…

“Give me Liberty or give me Death By Chocolate.”~D.W. Hirsch, American award-winning writer and blogger

June 7 is a historical day in the world. Today is National Donut Day. 


The last cherry Timbit looks so lonely….


“Servings: 4”? Must be a misprint.

I heard late in the day that Dunkin Donuts was offering free donuts.  Tim Hortons had a limited selection by evening, but there were plenty of Timbits for me and my husband.  Before we ate them, that is.

Today is also National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Nothing beats Penn State’s Creamery ice cream. I’m embarrassed to show that I still have some of this left, bought at the end of April, almost two months ago. It’s also a very good thing. What better way to celebrate than with Penn State’s finest?

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