June in review: what did you do?

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have anything to remember.”~Mark Twain, American writer

Another month has gone by. This Photo365 app is a fun one, giving me the opportunity to reflect and think.

I do not consciously take a picture every day. I choose not to force it; who needs added stress? Because of that, some of these daily pics have been “fudged.”

The Starbucks mugs, for example, are photos my husband took while on a business trip. We own those mugs now, and we have quite a collection. That started long before I met him, but he has embraced it. The madness began with my Tokyo mug bought when I visited my friend, Deb, while she was in Japan.

The Foursquare Mayorships and the Drawsome photos are ego boosts that are the main fudging. Now that both apps allow the option of saving to your camera roll, my photos are becoming cluttered with that. The Mayorships are a pride-full game as I keep battling certain venues with certain others. It’s a viciously friendly game with the benefit of discovering new places and tips.

My co-hosted Art Retreat. Lunch with my editor. Zentangle inspiration. Our annual Windsor trip. Some of things I could have forgotten about if not for this app compilation.

Be mindful and appreciate these little but not insignificant moments.


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