For Zentangle, Four friends

“The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change….”~Charles Morgan, English writer

So how cool is this…? I’m writing in a local coffee shop, and the Foursquare Mayor walks in. I know this because we have friended each other and my settings alert me when a friend is nearby. If you don’t know what Foursquare is, think of it as a public where-are-you-right-now Facebook-Yelp-Instagram location app. If you check into a place enough times, you become Mayor of that venue.


Espresso Elevado: love it a latte

Facebook is more a personal diary to me, so only my friends are Facebook friends. I don’t mind knowing strangers on Foursquare, but I am careful of who I friend. Is this person Mayor of safe places like coffee shops, schools and businesses? That’s a thumbs up. Mayors of, say, “Stink Pit,” “Winnie’s love nest” or “Jaguar Gentleman’s Club,” well, that says enough to me.

So in walks this guy and the baristas say, “Hi (name).” Then this message pops up on my phone: “(Name) at Espresso Elevado.” I have not met any of my non-friend Foursquare friends who frequent places I do, so I was curious. There were several guys that walked in, so I looked for the one closest to his avatar.

I shuffled over and asked, “Are you (Name)?”

“Yes,” he replied, looking a bit confused.

“Hi. I’m one of your Foursquare friends.” I wonder, does he think this intro is creepy?

A smile crossed his face. “Really? Which one?” When I tell him, he says, “Oh my gosh, I wondered who you were! You check into so many places.” We chat and learn just the briefest of what we do until his coffee was ready. We parted with a handshake and a “Nice to finally put a face to the name” farewell. Look at how happy this made me: I started a blog post with it!

This exchange reminds me of the chapter “Talk” in my father’s memoir I’m editing. Dad showed me that talking to bank tellers and bus drivers and cashiers can pass the time and make someone’s day. I’ve looked into many a store cashier’s eyes–really looked into them, not glazed over a glance at their face–and answer the standard “how is your day” question with an “Oh, great! I hope yours is going awesome.” While chit-chatting with phone customer service representatives, I’ve started “So, where are you located?” conversations. It passes the time and has unexpected benefits. Dad made friends who later helped him when his health declined. I’ve introduced people to Zentangle who later ask me to teach.


My two-pencil string

The Diva’s Zentangle Challenges are just that: meeting strangers, sharing a pleasant conversation and maybe meeting them in person. We are all tied together, just like this week’s Challenge #128: two-pencil string.

This is the string I started off with. I thought about filling in each section separately, but I was influenced by Laura’s ribbon tangle to create one of my own. That’s not a bad thing, because I may not have thought to do that, and I like how my design turned out. I played with some tangles I have not used in awhile and some I have recently taught in classes. It felt fun and frivolous, finishing with green flourishes.


It is easy being green

Color is something my husband keeps nudging me to use. I admit, I like the whimsical splash of color these days, especially on this. Colorful tile, colorful life.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cathy
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 11:00:14

    beautiful work and a great post!


  2. LonettA
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 11:18:43

    Lovely! Nice coloring!


  3. 1 Art Lady Tangles
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 16:43:50

    Lovely post and work!


  4. Annemarie
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 22:30:52

    Your tile is really great and I like the touch of green.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts; they are so true!


    • dwhirsch
      Jul 26, 2013 @ 00:46:45

      Thanks, everyone. This week’s Challenge was a fun one, both in tile and experience. Serendipity….


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