We Are…Family, Day 3

“Don’t replace time with your family or things that you need to do.”~ Gary Vaynerchuk, Russian businessman

When you think Thanksgiving, you probably think food and family. My husband and I live too far from his folks to celebrate that holiday with them, so we don’t think of Thanksgiving in the November sense. When they come to visit in the summer, that’s our Thanksgiving and food is definitely a part of our family visit.


Mom and I drink frapps.

Okay, food is really just an excuse to sit down and catch up with everything. These two days so far are good ones. We love showing them around southeast Michigan without being all touristy. The men wandered Dearborn Music searching for used CD and record finds while mom and I chatted in the Starbucks down the street. Mom makes a killer homemade cheesecake, the new puppy, Lucky, is experiencing his first kennel visit, and relatives in New York are traveling. Who knows what the guys talked about, but father-sone bonding time is always wonderful. We had a tasty Italian dinner at Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse in Dearborn. The name alone sounds impressive; the food, moreso.


Dad likes water orbs. They are cool!

Saturday, we wandered Somerset Collection, a high-end mall in Troy with stores that are not practical to shop in but are fab to window shop in. I am slowly becoming a convert to Nordstrom’s eBar coffee drinks, so take me to a mall with that store anytime. The mall is worth seeing if just for the decor: high glass ceilings, water sculptures and comfy benches. And the Lego Store. I want a collection of make-your-own-mini Lego people. That was followed by another good meal out at J. Alexander’s in the mall. When the key lime pie arrives looking yellow and not tie-dye green, then you know it’s a good one. Turns out there is another location closer to us. Ooh, just a little bit dangerous.


As a scrapbooker, I see this picture a lot from him

Any good Thanksgiving should include friends, too. We were lucky enough that my scrapbooking buddies Mary, Tracy and Beverly were available to join us for brunch at Sweet Lorraine’s in Livonia. Great buffet and reservations were easy to get this weekend.

So what do you do with the ‘rents on a Sunday afternoon after walking out like stuffed turkeys ourselves? A casual romp through Plymouth’s Historical Museum. It’s a cozy two-story building just on the edge of downtown, and they have some cool exhibits. This summer is B4TV, a showcase of all the things we used to do before television and computers sucked our time away. The top floor is permanently styled in the fashion of an olde towne main street, but the exhibits in the windowfronts change. This exhibit features sewing and cross-stitch items, board games, fishing equipment and…oh my gosh…books. Yes, real live paper books! Remember those?


The men tour B4TV


Jigsaw puzzles: the original geography lessons

They day is not over yet. There’s still dinner to be had….


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