No Zentangle left behind

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”~Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor

Non-dominant hand Zentangle was the Diva’s Zentangle Challenge #132. Bales is a simple tangle, and then you try it this way….


Even my string is curvy

I have always struggled to make Bales interesting, devoting pages upon pages of an art journal to experiment. For this, I chose my Sepia micron pen that my husband lovingly bought me last year.

Never one to just draw straight lines for a grid pattern–a tough thing to do anyway with your wrong hand–I curved grid lines, making it that more challenging for me. Or dare I say stupid?


Left-sided sepia Bales

What to do next. Apparently I was still hung up on last week’s challenge because I created a Dex-like pattern inside one section. Auras. Coloring rows of half-circles. Shading in all the ways I demo to my students.

What did I learn? Well, I found myself in a surprisingly stress-free zone. I can see places where I just grew tired of it all, but I was always in a flow. I draw best left-handed bottom-to-top, left-to-right. And unlike when I use my right hand, I enjoyed coloring in the dark sections for contrast. It took me longer, but no impatience like I feel coloring in Knightsbridge using my right hand. Go figure.

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