Penn State, purses and practicality

“A lot of football success is in the mind: you must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are.”~Bill Shankly, Scottish athlete

Can a woman survive without a purse?

If you asked my Mom (rest her soul), she would have said, No Way!” Yes, caps and exclamation point. She carried a large purse to amusement parks; only later in life did I learn that was my old diaper bag. However, should we have been rocked by an earthquake or subjected to pulsing alien rays, Mom would have an aspirin or sunblock or a tissue or a needle-and-thread for that ail.

My mother-in-law would agree, emphatic but quieter. She carries a large purse. What’s in it? To paraphrase musician Daryl Hall, some things are better left unknown.

I have always carried a purse. After all, you never know when a nail clipper or lip balm or penny will be useful ala MacGuyver. So the new ban on purses in football stadiums left me stressed.


My clever solution!

Clear gallon-size zip-close freezer bags, that’s it. Where’s the handle or straps? The hooks to carry like a backpack? You mean I have to carry this in my hands? That’s inconvenient. Of course, it does eliminate the “honey, will you carry my wallet, keys, glasses, tickets, hat, poncho and whatnot” from my husband. Okay, that’s a good side to this disaster.

What do I do? I take that plastic gallon bag, punch a hole in each side, attach an old purse strap and voila: a Ziplock purse! I had at least 10 people comment on my cleverness; one woman took a picture of it.


Stylin’ in smartitude

Turns out the security at the old Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey were not as fussy as I expected. They opened my glasses case, had my husband remove his cap and allowed us plus the snacks that I carried in the clear ziptop bag into the stadium.

If confiscated, I was prepared to lose everything in that bag, but not prepared to lose the game to Syracuse. No worries there; we won. Okay, some worries since the team was a little sloppy, but as offensive line coach Mac McWhorter said when we ran into him after the game, “Any win’s a good win.”


The first of many Celebratory Frappuccinos


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