Every day is a good day, especially…

“I have a really, really, really normal family, and by normal I mean we’re all nuts on some level.”~Anna Paquin, Canadian actress

And so passes another month. Welcome to September, my fave month of them all.


A robust August

A stroll down memory August. Coffee, a rainbow, evidence of my husband’s travels with a Starbucks City You Are Here mug. Art through Zentangle, ATCs and scrapbooking. Default Foursquare photos. Games, smashed pennies, and two family visits: them and us. We are wrapping up “our” visit, having just recovered from a long, hot day football Saturday watching Penn State make orange juice from Syracuse. What’s today’s 365-photo? Oh, it’s a yummy one. Come back in 30 days to find out what!

September is a great month. Many folks out there will shout YAY to back-to-school. Some of my friends return to the teaching classrooms. I always loved school kinda for the “school” part of it, but mostly for the new stuff I got: clothes, folders, lunchbox and notebooks. I have always been fascinated by paper, the touch-feel-smell of it, always dreaming up ways I could tell my story writing on notepads or scrapbooking in notebooks. My first college photo album was in a blue Penn State notebook, college ruled. I taped EVERYthing in there: pictures, my class schedule, flyers from activities, receipts, wrappers and–my all-time favorite–a black cardboard bat hanging from the ceiling at a fraternity Halloween party. I love that bat.

How are you remembering your life? I’m counting the little moments, and I’m also counting the days until my birthday! Eight days from now I will celebrate ## years on this planet. It’s not one of those celebrated 30-40-50 years, but I am going to be somewhere special. Where? Again, stay tuned; that’s only 8 days away from now. We are officially in Birthday Weeks for Sweet Pea.


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